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Rada Boneva

A great assortment of all-purpose helpers to a zero-waste lifestyle. The staff is super nice and the parcels come not only in reused boxes with repurposed packaging materials but also with personalized notes ❤ I recommend Green Revolucia to all of my friends and followers :)))

Iliana Stefanova

The Period Swimwear is a wonderful product! My daughter was over the moon when she got it! Lovely light fabric, quick drying and even luxurious! I recommend it with both hands!

Vesselina Kavrakova

I received prompt, accurate and professional service, thank you! Vera and the team are people with a mission and a cause with a great personal touch towards the client. I received my products in a box made of recycled materials, accompanied by a special handwritten note which moved me very much. May you be successful in all that you do and continue to reach people with your messages of sustainability and conscious consumption.

Velislava Mihaylova

Thanks! The Period Swimwear allowed my daughter to have a wonderful vacation without worrying about being on her period. We are very pleased.