How do we pack your orders trash-free?

by Vera Markova
 How do we pack your orders trash-free?

In a world where most of the products ordered online come wrapped in a polyethylene bubble wrap many eco-minded people are finding it hard to trust online retailers. You might wonder why? Because they’re afraid of receiving their goodies in bubble wrap, taped with plastic tape.

But…we care about the environment and for that reason we would like to share with you how we pack your orders without generating any waste.

What materials do we use?

  • Boxes-We get them from our suppliers and also from nearby companies which have boxes they don’t need. That is the reason why sometimes you might get your toothbrush in a bee’s wrap box
  • Cotton fabric-In order to prevent breakage during shipment, we wrap fragile items in cotton fabric. We prefer this method because thanks to it we give new life to leftover cotton fabric material we collect from local seamstresses. In comparison, bubble wrap, used by the majority of the retailers, doesn’t decompose, takes valuable space at landfill and emits harmful toxic chemicals when burnt
  • Rubber band-When we send fragile items we use a rubber band to keep the fabric well wrapped around the item
  • Compostable wrapping paper- We wrap certain products such as our Marseille soap in compostable wrapping paper to avoid any potential breakage during shipment
  •  Paper tape- we seal your box with paper tape and voila, your package is ready : )

And because we don’t want you to sit and wonder what to do with the packaging materials you’ve received from us, we are writing the following lines:

A few ideas:

  • The box-Use it to send a gift to a good old friend; Offer it to a company which needs boxes; Recycle it or compost it (if you go for composting, make sure you cut the box into small pieces)
  • The cotton fabric- Use it to wrap any fragile gifts you’re sending; Wipe off the dust at home with it; Compost it
  • The rubber band-If you wrap fragile goodies into cotton fabric, use the rubber band to make sure the fabric stays in place; Use it to tie an open food package; Donate it to a nearby school, schools are often in need of stationery
  • The compostable wrapping paper and paper tape- Compost them and that’s it, the #zerowaste mission is accomplished : )

How do you pack parcels trash-free? Let us know in the comments below : )