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WUKA Teen Stretch Seamless Period Pants - Heavy flow – Blue

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Product description

What is this product?

Revolutionary reusable period pants made specially to provide maximum comfort and 100% protection. We offer these period pants in 2 sizes:  XXS – S (for girls between 8 -12 years old) and S – L (for girls between 12 – 16 years of age). These period pants are quite flexible, comfortable designed to hug in all the right places whilst protecting against leaks. Ideal for your first period or a busy day at school.

This model is designed especially for growing teenagers and girls who are often between 2 sizes.

If you're not into Seamless Stretch Period Pants, you can check out our Flex models with adjustable hooks on the sides - in brown and black colours.

What is the absorbing capacity of these WUKA Period Pants?

20 ml or around 4 tampons. You can wear them for up to 12 hours.

If you need a more absorbent product we recommend the WUKA Tencel Period Pants for the Heaviest Days and the OrganiCup/AllMatters menstrual cups.

Do you have these Teen Stretch Seamless Period Pants available in other colours?

Yes, we have them in pink and black. Click on the colour you’re interested in for more information.

What material are these WUKA Period Pants made of?

Soft hypoallergenic cotton fabric and a tiny bit of elastane, these period pants are carbon neutral and their packaging is made of cardboard so that you can easily recycle it.

How does one take good care of these WUKA Period Pants?

We recommend washing them before first use. Then after each use, you can rinse them with cold water and natural soap (we love the Marseille one) before handwashing or machine washing them at no more than 30 degrees, cold wash. Do not tumble-dry, iron or bleach them, fabric softener is also not recommended. Drying can take some time depending on the weather temperature, make sure that the pants have gone through a full spin if machine washed to save drying time.

How do I know which size is the right one for me?

Please check the size guide to see which one would be best for you. Sizes are based on your hip line (measure the line of the area below your belly, from bone to bone as shown on the last photo where it says “HIP LINE”. After measuring, refer to the size chart to determine the best size for you based on your hip line.

What other sustainable menstrual products can I find in the Green Revolucia online shop?

You can check out our other models of period pants, our reusable organic cotton pads and menstrual cups here

And if you need some more inspiration for a Zero Waste Lifestyle, subscribe to our Youtube channel