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Nobody Understands Marketing – book

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What is this product?

Diana Stoyanova's fascinating book will take you into the world of sustainable marketing. It will show you examples of Bulgarian companies that have given the necessary importance to environmental protection in their business models and that successfully communicate about it.

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Who is this book suitable for?

For students in the comms sector, for Brand Managers working on building long-lasting positive reputation for their employers/clients, for business owners who want to lay the foundations for brands that will last for generations, for all knowledge-hungry folks who believe that businesses can be tools for a brighter and cleaner Bulgaria.

Additional information about the author?

Diana Stoyanova is an Artist and Director by education, a Marketer by profession.

She has been working in the field of Мarketing for 12 years, from which she draws examples, experience and inspiration for the creation of this book.

What are other readers saying?

"Provocative right from the title, "Nobody Understands Marketing" ignites curiosity and gives courage to dive into the deep waters of this science. From its very first lines, the book suggests very clearly that marketing is actually for everyone, regardless of who does what ; that marketing is a matter of attitude, a way of thinking, a way of relating to customers, partners, employees; that marketing is the thing we cannot do without - both as people and as businesses."

Associate Professor Dr. Christian Postadzhian

"This book is what all ads should be like - inspiring, provocative and original. After reading it, you can easily cross out the title and re-write it - I already know enough about marketing and I want to learn more!"

Angel Ivanov, Journalist and Author

"I read it in one go, it made me smile and most importantly – it made me think seriously and I still come back to it from time to time. Diana is one of those people who provoke you to act, and her book is exactly like that."

Ani Velikanova, Sales Director

How does this book help to protect the environment?

It was written by a Bulgarian author, in Bulgaria, which directly saves carbon emissions from imports from abroad, but that is not the main thing. The book impressed us with the examples of creating a brand culture focused on sustainable development and implementing practices in harmony with nature, something that is not talked about enough in our country. Diana not only mentions, but goes into depth why this is important for businesses and how they can achieve it for everyone's sake. And no, it doesn't matter in which field we work, every step towards protecting the environment is urgent and important, we have no time to waste!

Publisher, cover?

Publishing house - Villa Agency, paperback.


Petya Evlogieva.

Number of pages?


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