Corporate Gifts

Interested in sustainable corporate gifts?

You are at the right place : )

Green Revolucia can supply your company, communications agency, municipality and (semi) governmental institution with sustainable corporate gifts. We will facilitate the purchase of durable and sustainable goods so that your organisation can leave a positive impact on the world without any hassle.


We know that large organisations usually require large amounts and for that reason we can offer attractive prices for our products. We commit to making a clear price offer and helping out with every question you have. The final invoice will be sent through email and if you choose to pay cash on delivery (option available only for orders in Bulgaria), there will be an additional paper copy of the invoice with the delivery.


Some of our products are customizable. We can put your company logo, slogan, contact details and more.

Customization, however, takes time so please place your order AT LEAST three weeks prior to the desired delivery date.

Products that do not require customization can be ordered two weeks prior to the desired delivery date.

Products that can be customized are: straws (both bamboo and stainless steel), cotton straw pouches, plantable greeting cards with flower seeds, bamboo toothbrushes and bamboo toothbrush cases.


Stainless steel straws (minimum 25)

The average person uses 38,000 plastic straws over their lifetime. They are not recyclable, hence they either rot on landfill for more than 600 years or they get burnt, releasing toxic chemicals in the air we breathe.

Stainless steel straws are the beautiful and sustainable alternative that can be used indefinitely. Their smooth surface makes them super easy to wash either in the sink or in the dishwasher. Another one of their advantages is that they prevent teeth staining from coffee, tea and wine while retaining the temperature of the drink and not interacting with your beverage unlike the case with plastic straws which leech harmful chemicals when in contact with hot drinks.

Bamboo straws (minimum 25)

The bamboo straws are direct family to the steel ones : )

Beautiful and sustainable, they are the perfect add-on to cocktails, smoothies and milk shakes. Just like the stainless steel straws, the bamboo ones are very easy to wash either in the sink or in the dishwasher and they prevent teeth staining from tea, coffee and wine.

Cotton straw pouches (minimum 25)

Regretfully a lot of cafes and restaurants here in Bulgaria still serve drinks with plastic straws, BUT you don’t have to be part of this sad statistics. Inspire your customers, colleagues and friends to take their beautiful steel/bamboo straws when they go out and set a positive example for the people around by using a sustainable straw instead of a plastic one.

Small steps, big changes : )

We offer the pouches in 2 different colors – white and black. The white ones are made of cotton fabric and the black ones of cotton flannel.

Cotton shopping bags (minimum 25)

We all do our grocery shopping regularly but how many of us actually think about the destiny of the disposable plastic bags which shops over here in Bulgaria generously give to the customers all the time? Yes, they’re recyclable but a lot of energy and resources are needed for their manufacturing…

Set an example by using a beautiful, reusable, sustainable shopping bag displaying your company’s logo and values every day : )

Plantable greeting cards and agendas with your design (Minimum 100)

This is a high quality sustainable innovation.! We can print the agenda for your event, corporate greeting cards for your employees, certificates and more on plantable paper enriched with seeds from different flowers. The cards/agendas can be planted straight away in flower pots or at a garden.

Bamboo toothbrushes (minimum 25)

The bamboo toothbrushes are becoming more and more popular every day because of their beautiful and sustainable design. Surprise your clients, employees and friends with toothbrushes that are not only pretty but also biodegradable.

Our model with black bristles is infused with charcoal which has been known worldwide for its whitening properties.

Bamboo toothbrush cases (minimum 25)

Isn’t a bamboo toothbrush case with your company’s logo the perfect add-on to a bamboo toothbrush?

Natural handmade soaps (minimum 51)

We can make natural & sustainable soaps using only pure ingredients. Moreover, these can be branded with your logo and packaged in paper or aluminium with your slogan printed with nontoxic ink. If you want to go package-free, we completely support that as well : )

NB! As natural soaps need some time to harden, we recommend that you place your order at least 5 weeks before the due date


In Bulgaria, we partner with the courier companies Speedy and Econt for our deliveries. Every parcel that we send is insured and has a tracking number, allowing you to follow its journey from door to door. For deliveries abroad we work with Bulgarian Post, the delivery time varies between 7 and 14 days depending on the destination. For more information, email us at


Partnering with Green Revolucia guarantees:

  • Sustainable products of fine quality
  • Clear Pricing
  • Personalized contact who will guide you through every step of the way
  • Option for customization
  • Secure shipping with insurance and tracking number

For more information:

Contact us at: vera@greenrevolucia.comor call us on +359 885 46 88 45

Sustainably yours,

Vera and The Team of Revolucia : )

Here you can find reviews that we’ve received for our corporate gifts:

The straw pouches and brushes are wonderful and the steel straws’ branding rocks! We continue receiving praise and gratitude from the colleagues we gifted them to!

Thank you very much for the attention to details, the professionalism and the timely execution of this task!

Diana Vasileva, CXG

It was a great pleasure to work with Green Revolucia, our branded bamboo toothbrushes and cases are a hit amongst colleagues and friends. We will be happy to work together in the future as well!

Kevin Jacques S De Bruycker, Odeon msc