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About us

Green Revolucia is the first Zero Waste shop in Bulgaria, founded in 2017. Our mission is to make zero waste lifestyle affordable for everyone and that is the reason why we create and distribute sustainable alternatives to plastic disposable items and we partner with small local businesses that value the preservation of our planet as much as we do. We import products only when we cannot find local alternatives.

We love sharing our knowledge, experience and tips through our Blog , lectures and workshops some of which include making your own cosmetics with the help of professionals in the industry and making your own accessories using only #upcycled materials

Also, if you happen to have a business and you’d like to diversify your portfolio of products or to offer beautiful and sustainable corporate gifts to your employees, we have some suggestions for you.

If you are working towards minimizing the waste of your business practices, we’d be happy to offer our consulting expertise .

Everyone is welcome to drop by for a piece of advice or a pinch of inspiration : ) .

We don’t aim to push people to their limits, we would rather encourage each and every one to do as much as they personally can, at their own pace, towards the preservation of the environment.

We support the slow, sustainable fashion and the conscious consumption .

Here is a short video about our story:

*** Please note that the video has been translated to English, Bulgarian and Spanish, so please choose the subtitles which suit you best

Our contribution to the environment

Green from the inside, green to the outside

In Revolucia we believe that every action (big or small) supporting the Zero-Waste movement matters. We’ve integrated this lifestyle in both our personal lives and our office culture by following some simple steps, if you’d like to read about them, click here

Zero Waste when shopping and eating out

One often thinks that when he/she is buying groceries from the local market, that’s a big contribution towards the preservation of our planet and of course, it’s something great but is it enough? Unfortunately, no, it isn’t, especially when we’re talking about eating out which often involves using plastic disposable cutlery, straws, plates, containers, bags, etc. Because we’ve been looking for solutions to these problems for quite a while, we believe we got to learn some useful things on the way, here they are